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Transparent Food - Technologies and Implementation, 8th to 9th November 2011, Darmstadt
In the workshop “Transparent Food – Technologies and Implementation”, held in Darmstadt from November 8th to 9th, stakeholders in tracking and tracing within the food network gave presentations on this topic and discussed problems, open issues and research goals.
The presentations gave an overview on existing small scale systems for part of the food network, e.g. regional products or intra-company resources management, or explained solutions for relevant technical problems, such as identification.
In the discussion, a number of open issues were identified (architecture, definition of TRUs, Public Key Infrastructure) and goals for further research defined.
Handouts Book of Abstracts and Presentations

Public Project Workshop: November 3, 2011 in Bonn
The Public Project Workshop took place on November 3, 2011 in Bonn. The main purpose was at project end to present the summary project results and the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).  This meeting allows to not only presenting but to analyze and evaluate the experiences from exploitation and dissemination activities. Also, presentation with discussion regarding selected best practice case studies, best practice guides and dissemination initiatives took place. Finally the establishment of the European Platform for Food Transparency was presented. On the following web-links you can find the handouts of all presentations. Handouts, Agenda


2nd Stakeholder Implementation workshop: September 26, 2011 in Brussels
The European project ‘Transparent_Food‘ started with a first stakeholder meeting in May last year in Brussels. After more than a year of project activities, preliminary results can be presented for discussion on a second stakeholder meeting September 26 in Brussels. The outcome of the discussions will be integrated into the final ‘Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)’, to be published in October/November this year. agenda, presentations


European tracking/tracing backbone workshop: 8-9 June 2010 in Brussels
The project is built around working groups of experts in different fields. The results might be captured in a ‘white paper’.

The project is also asked to provide a design and experimental prototype for an electronic European backbone system that could facilitate data exchange between tracking/tracing systems active in Europe and act as a basis on which further improvements in communication could build.

We will develop the design and prototype of the backbone system in close communication with you to assure that the interest of those already active in the field are best considered. The activity is coordinated by KTBL, a German institution without own software sales interests which is active in standardization such as ‘agro-XML’.

To set the right stage in further developments (roadmap) we invite you as a system provider to a focused workshop organized by KTBL in Brussels, June 8-9 this year.


Due to a number of factors, food safety and quality have been issues of growing importance in the last few years. As a result a number of information technology supported tracking and tracing and quality assurance systems have been developed. Most of the existing solutions focus on a certain production chain or a part of a chain. That kind of setting can currently be handled. However, changes in supply chain configurations and interconnections between chains lead to the transformation of the linear structure into a highly dynamic food sector network. To achieve appropriate transparency across the whole food sector, different tracking and tracing systems have to be interconnected. There is currently no satisfying solution available that is up to this task. One of the objectives of the Transparent Food project is thus to create a blueprint proposal for a European Backbone Solution that provides basic and simple functionalities to enable integration of different systems.


The objectives of the workshop were:
- to provide an introductory view on the problem
- to create a common understanding of the goals of the envisioned Backbone Solution
- to identify aspects to consider while designing the backbone solution
- to work out a clear view of the situation and to identify state-of-the art on some of these aspects
- to subdivide the task into smaller packages like e. g. identification, protocol level, syntax, semantics…
- to consider future directions taking into account recent technology developments
- to jointly develop a work plan on how to proceed with more in-depth specification work
- to start laying out a structure for documents to be provided

1st European Stakeholder Meeting: 6 May 2010 in Brussels
6 May 2010: 1st European Stakeholder Meeting ‘Transparency in the Food Chain’ Situation, Expectations, Barriers, and Research Needs Brussels, May 6, 2010, 10:00 – 16:30
Together with European Platform ‘Transparency in Food’