"Everybody knows what transparency is, until asked to give a definition. Then it seems nobody knows."

(adapted from Oliver, R. (1997). Satisfaction: A behavioral perspective on the Customer. Mc Graw-Hill, NY)


The European Platform Transparent Food has been established as a common meeting platform for all groups in industry and research with interest in the development of transparency in the food sector. It builds on the experience with the organization of European Technology Platforms, with transparency related research networks, and with various networks of providers and users of tracking, tracing and quality system solutions. It addresses representatives of industry, retail, policy, system providers, industry and consumer associations, public and private research associations.

Documents for public consultation

Publications of the project Transparent_Food (www.transparentfood.eu)

  • The Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is published by Elsevier: Deiters, J., Schiefer, G. (eds) (2013). Transparency for Sustainability in Food Chains: Challenges and Research Needs. The e-book is available here. The printed version can be ordered here.
  • Some deliverables are available in the book “Transparency in the Food Chain”: Deiters, J., Schiefer, G. (eds) (2013). Transparency in the Food Chain. Published by University of Bonn/ILB, ISBN 978-3-941766-17-4. Orders through the project coordinator and to upload here.