European Retail Academy (ERA)

ERA is an academic network, created in the first place to generate a B2B-dialogue amongst universities/colleges of applied science, but also to help those in the retail industry who might be looking for addresses of institutions in selected countries. Its vision is to improve skills by internal as well as external dialogue and to operate in the end of this decade on a real multilateral and multicultural level, supported by exchanges of students and lecturers, joint PhD theses or even commercial projects.

In Europe it adheres to the so-called 'Bologna Process', in which students are free to switch universities from one country to another without compromising their study content and certification. Within that common framework, however, the members of our group maintain a distinctive 'local flavour'. In addition, ERA is perfectly willing to build academic bridges from continent to continent, as retail is globalising, both as far as the technology and the organisation of trade fairs are concerned. Leaders in retail therefore need to become cosmopolitans.