Advisory Board

The board is responsible for the long term focus of the transparency platform. Every two years it votes on the continuation of the platform.

Operational Board

The Operational Board involves representatives
of the various transparency initiatives.
Current members Current members Engagement in Transparency Initiatives

I. Balot
M. Coomans
Prof. C. Dennis
H. Hagspiel
Prof. Dr. B. Hallier (Chair)
Prof. Dr. K. Grunert
Prof. J.‐C. Villettaz
D. Rossi
Dr. A. Mangstl
G. Palotas
Dr. H. Nienhoff
Dr. J. Maat
T. Timmermans

Members of Project
Transparent Food (TF)

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schiefer
Dr. Jivka Deiters
Prof. Dr. Dietrich Knorr
Dr. Harmen Hofstra
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tim Hogg
Dr. Ulf Sonesson
Dr. Karin Östergren
Dr. John Hermansen
Dr. Niels Halberg
Dr. David Barling
Prof. Dr. George Chryssochoidis
Dr. Olga Kehagia
Prof. Dr. Xavier Gellynck

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schiefer (Chair)
Dr. Jivka Deiters (Secretary)
Transparent Food
Dr. Martin Kunisch
Daniel Martini
System Providers
Dr. András Sebök
Attila Berczeli
Transparent Food, ETP F4L
Prof. Dr. B. Hallier ERA
Andreas Moser Food SEG
Sabine Kläser GS1
Prof. Steve McCorriston Transparency in Pricing
Dr. Sjaak Wolfert
Harald Sundmaeker
Ian Houseman EFITA
Prof. Brian McKenna ETP Food for Life








Individual Groups (Transparency initiatives)

Participation open to all groups with interest in transparency of the food sector.


Platform Management and Administration

Prof. Dr. G. Schiefer, Dr. J. Deiters, M. Knaut