Focus session on February 12 (Friday), 2010
The challenge of 'Transparent Food'

(true fair, safe, sustainable, origin, slow, etc. / interaction with actors in the field)

New format for presentations and extended discussions

A joint initiative by agri-food groups of leading universities and business schools from Europe and beyond:

Bologna, Bonn, Brunel, Florida, Ghent, Guelph, Illinois, Kent, Kiel, Madrid, Monash/Melbourne, Ohio, Paris, Parma, Pennsylvania, Sao Paulo, Vienna, Wageningen

Endorsed by international scientific associations in agricultural economics, agribusiness and information research:
EAAE (European Association of Agricultural Economists)
IAMA (International Food and Agribusiness Management Association)
AIEA2 (Assoc. Intern. di Economia Alimentare e Agro-Industriale)
INFITA (Intern. Network for IT in Agric., Food and the Environment)

Scientific organization and coordination of the IGLS-Forum series:
International Center for Food Chain and Network Research
University of Bonn
Ass. Prof. Dr. Melanie Fritz, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schiefer
Email: fooddynamics@uni-bonn.de

Workshop activity is from morning to noon and during late afternoons and evenings. Afternoons are free for individual and group meetings for reflection, discussions, networking, and relaxation while skiing, walking, enjoying mountain restaurants or discovering the medieval roots of Innsbruck.


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