World Conferences

  • WCCA 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan (AFITA)
  • WCCA 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic (EFITA)
  • WCCA 2010 in Québec, Canada, (CIGR)
  • WCCA 2009 in Reno, Nevada (PanAFITA and ASABE)
  • WCCA 2008 in Tokio (IAALD and AFITA)
  • WCCA 2007 in Glasgow (EFITA)
  • WCCA 2006 in Orlando (PanAFITA)
  • WCCA 2005 in Portugal (EFITA)
  • WCCA 2004 in Thailand (AFITA)
  • WCCA 2002 in Brazil (SBI/AGRO)

Rules for the organization of World Conferences:

  1. WCCAs are usually linked to a conference of its member organizations.
  2. WCCAs are limited to one per year.
  3. The board of WCCA determines the WCCA location upon application by member organizations. Interested members should contact the INFITA Secretary General.
  4. INFITA will comunicate the WCCA organization to its members.
  5. The organizers of the WCCA integrate at least one member of the executive committee of INFITA in its international program and organization committee.
  6. The organizers place the WCCA logo on a prominent place on the website and assure that all conference notifications make clear reference to the world conference.
  7. Members of the executive board may participate in the WCCA free of charge (conference fee).