The project builds on interaction with stakeholders involving production, industry, retail, consumers, policy, and research. It organizes work groups, establishes a ‘European Platform Transparent Food’, proposes a European Transparency Backbone and prepares a White Paper on the state‐of‐the‐art as well as the need for future initiatives and research programs towards better transparency.


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D 2.1 Specification of tracking / tracing requirements; analysis and evaluation of selected tracking / tracing solution alternatives

D 2.2 Feasibility study taking into account different ways of serving tracking / tracing needs within the sector

D 4.1 State of the art on information use in food chains with relevance for environmental, concerns

D 4.2 State of the art on information use in food chains with relevance for ethical and social concerns

D 4.5 Specification of critical research needs and priorities with relevance for environmental, ethical and social concerns and for improvements in food chain transparency

D 5.1 Report drawn from data collection and review and stakeholder participant workshops on the breadth and range of certification systems and labelling schemes

D 5.3 Report of analysis public policy statements and legal requirements and expectations of food transparency schemes and their role in achieving policy and regulatory goals

D 5.4 Final summary report integrating report findings from Tasks 5.1 – 5.3

D 6.2 Analysis of selected experiences of ‘best practice transparency solutions’ in enterprises and food chains

D 7.1 Framework for analysis, documentation and evaluation

D 7.2 Focus guide on transparency, tracking, tracing, sustainability and integrity

D 7.3 Summary compendium on present knowledge incl. knowledge exemplified in best practice examples

D 8.3 Report on the organization of stakeholder workshops, conferences and the development of transparency workshop material



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