Past Events


Workshop meeting in September, 13-17 September, 2010 in Bonn


The project distinguishes two phases. During the first phase, the dedicated groups collect whatever they find. The second phase builds on the material and works on integration, the elimination of gaps (in the formulation of the state-of-the-art) and the formulation of research needs. The integration group would primarily come in for support during this phase starting in January next year. Communication within the group could build on electronic and/or personal meetings. This might differ within the group.

However, to assure a solid base of material for the second phase, it was decided within the project to reserve a week in September for meetings in various constellations. Melanie and I would like to use this week for a meeting initiative with the integration group (you) where we try to together scan the landscape (scanning workshop) to gain a view on the present state-of-the-art in transparency complementing the work of the dedicated groups. We envisage a set-up where we might work as individuals for some time, meet for discussion of results and then go back to  individual search, etc. This could be a true expert workshop providing all of us with a tremendous overview on issues and, maybe a first view on major deficiencies.

The scanning workshop is scheduled for Monday, September 13,  noon, until Tuesday, September 14, evening (if of interest we could continue until Wednesday noon). The week will continue with meetings by other groups which they organize independently and conclude with discussions on opportunities for the documentation of results.


Monday to Friday:
Option for individual group meetings (timing and grouping to be specified by project groups themselves ‐ please be active !!); we also have the option to meet altogether where appropriate.

For a flexible coordination of day’s activities: Joint meeting every day at 09:00 and at 13:00
Within this general program outline we propose specific activities as follows:

Monday and Tuesday:
a. Our activity (UniBonn): Planned 1‐day meeting of integration expert group with workshop on
capturing their knowledge on 'state‐of‐the‐art' in their knowledge domains
b. Your activity: Meeting of other expert groups (System provider group ?; Dissemination?, etc. etc.)

Wednesday (all day):
Presentations from all project groups on where we are, where we have deficiencies, where we need
cooperation where we need external support

Thursday (all day) and Friday morning:
Workshop on the documentation of results
a. Presentation of a suitable framework from our side,
b. Discussion and presentation of alternatives (from your side)
c. Agreement of documentation format
d. Joint preparation and discussion of a documentation prototype that suits all work packages
e. Delineation and specification of template for further work

Early Friday afternoon: Concluding discussion


Workshop "Material"

Project workshop ‘Material’ (Analysis and evaluation of material, further specification of project results):
19-21 January 2011 in Bonn

This workshop ‘material’ functions as a status meeting.

To reach its objectives, the project has to concentrate much of its analysis on the first year.

The status meeting allows to analyze what has been reached for inclusion in the joint core deliverables and still allows to eliminate weaknesses and deficiencies in analysis.