Transparent Food 

Quality and integrity in food: a challenge for chain communication and transparency research

The general objective of the project Transparent Food is to “contribute to the development of transparency in the sector by supporting understanding of its complexities, identifying the present state-of-the-art, learning from experiences, making stakeholders aware, specifying deficiencies and research needs, and formulating a research framework for facilitating future research initiatives”.



Publications of the project:

  • The Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is published by Elsevier: Deiters, J., Schiefer, G. (eds) (2013). Transparency for Sustainability in Food Chains: Challenges and Research Needs. The e-book is available here. The printed version can be ordered here.
  • Some deliverables are available in the book “Transparency in the Food Chain”: Deiters, J., Schiefer, G. (eds) (2013). Transparency in the Food Chain. Published by University of Bonn/ILB, ISBN 978-3-941766-17-4 Orders through the project coordinator and to upload here