Lead Scientists



Lead Scientists


Prof. Dr. G. Schiefer (University of Bonn)
                - Director Intern. Center for Food Chain and Network Research)
                - Coordinator work group ‘Food Chain Management’ in ETP F4L
                - Founding President of European Federation for IT in Agri/Food/Environment
Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Fritz (University of Bonn)
                - Work group ‘Food Chain Management’ in ETP F4L
                - Coordinator EU project on ‘Trust in Food Chains’


Dr. M. Kunisch (Association for Technology and Structures, Division Head)
                - Coordinator of European Agro-XML standardization initiative and Agro-XML work
                  groups for the standardization of information exchange along the food chain


Prof. Dr. D. Knorr (Technical University Berlin)
                - Director Institute of Food Technology and Food Chemistry)
                - Coordinator work group ‘Food Quality and Manufacturing’ in ETP F4L
                - President of European Association of Food Scientists


Dr. H. Hofstra (Secretary General European Association for Food Safety, SAFE consortium)
                - Coordinator work group ‘Food safety’ in ETP F4L
                - Advising involvement in ERA Net SAFEFOODERA
Assoc. Prof. Dr. T. Hogg (Universidade Catolica Portuguesa; Assoc. Director of Extension)
                - Member of SAFE consortium
                - Member of the EU’s High Level Group of the KBBE initiative


Dr. U. Sonesson and Dr. K. Östergren (Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology)
                - SIK representatives in ETP F4L engaged in coordination of work group
                  ‘Sustainability’, in ‘Food Chain Management’, in coordinator of thrust ‘Sustainable
                  and Ethical Production’


Dr. Hermansen (University of Aarhus)
                - Director of the Farming Systems Unit, Department of Agroecology and Environment
                - WP leader in Q-PorkChains (Sustainability and Logistics)
Dr. N. Halberg (University of Aarhus)
                - Director Intern. Center for Research in Organic Food Systems


Dr. D. Barling (City University London)
                - Member Forward Look /COST initiative
                - Specific project/publication engagement linked to ethics and sustainability


Prof. Dr. G. Chryssochoidis (RLabs and University of Athens)
                - Work group ‘Food and Consumers’ in ETP F4L
                - Leading involvement in many European consumer focused projects


Prof. Dr. X. Gellynck (University of Ghent)
                - Director Food Marketing
                - Work group ‘Food Chain Management’ in ETP F4L


Dr. A. Sebök (General Manager, Campden BRI Magyarország Nonprofit Kft.)
                - Member of the board of ETP F4L
                - Vice-Chairman of network of National Technology Platforms on F4L
                - Leader Task Force SME in ETP F4L